Custom Axis Ticks

pvmacros.vis.axes.customAxisTicks(rng, axis=0, uniform=False)[source]

Use to set custom axis ticks in the render view

  • rng (list(float)) – A list or tuple of floats for the axis ticks

  • axis (int) – The axis to set (X=0, Y=1, or Z=2)

  • uniform (bool) – An optional flag to use the given range on all axii

Reset Axis Ticks


Use to reset the axis ticks in the render view for any given axii


axis (int or list(int)) – The axis to set (X=0, Y=1, or Z=2)

Scale Axis

pvmacros.vis.axes.scaleAxis(axis, scale)[source]

Use to scale an axis visually

Set Axis Labels from Bounds

pvmacros.vis.axes.setAxisLabelsFromBounds(name, num=10, 10, 5)[source]

Sets the axis labels from a given input data source. Use the num argument to control the number of labels along each axis. If num is a scalar, then a uniform number of labels is used on each axis.

  • name (str) – The string name of the input source on the data pipeline

  • num (tuple(int) or int) – the number of labels for each axis


>>> import pvmacros as pvm
>>> pvm.vis.setAxisLabelsFromBounds('TableToPoints1', num=(5, 10, 2))