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Example Contents

Here is an outline of all the PVGeo example pages categorized by suite then by type of functionality.

General Filters

Point/Line Sets

Mathematical Operations

  • Array Math: Perform a mathematical operation between two arrays in a given data set
  • Arrays to RGBA: Use a datasets arrays to create RGB colors and transparency
  • Normalize Array: Perform a mathematical operation on a single array in a given dataset
  • Percent Threshold: Threshold based on percentiles


Table Operations

  • Combine Tables: Combine two tables with the same number of rows
  • Extract Array: Extract any data array fom a dataset to create a vtkTable containing that array.
  • Reshape Table: Treat a table as a 2D array and reshape it to a differently sized 2D array
  • Split Table On Array: Split a table based on values in a given array

General Readers

Binary/Serialized Data


  • Delimited Text: A generic reader for ASCII / delimited data files. Frequently inherited.
  • XYZ Files: A makeshift reader for delimited files with varying delimiters for data array titles

Grid Tools


  • Extract Topography: Use a topography surface to add an active cells field to an input dataset


File IO


  • GSLIB Table: Produce a vtkTable from a GSLib file
  • SGeMS Grid: Produce a vtkImageData (uniform grid) from an SGeMS grid data file

Model Building


UBC Mesh Tools

Meshes and Models

  • Append Model: Add a model attribute to a UBC style grid (supports time series)
  • Read OcTree: Read an UBC OcTree grid file and a single time series model files
  • Read Tensor Meshes: Read an UBC Tensor Mesh grid file and a single time series model files

Data Files