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Points to PolyData


This example will demonstrate how to use the pointsToPolyData function to convert a 2D NumPy array of points (n by 3) into vtkPolyData containing those points.


This function is a convenience method to convert a NumPy array of points into a vtkPolyData object with the points and cell connectivity properly built.

ParaView Example

Since this is a convenience function and not as algorithm/plugin, there is not a full ParaView example. However, we use the method in Programmable Sources quite often in the ParaView examples of other algorithms to generate an input data set of points. Check out the following if you’re interested:

Python Example

import numpy as np
from PVGeo import pointsToPolyData

# NumPy array of points for input
points = np.random.random((100,3))

vtkPoints = pointsToPolyData(points)