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UBC OcTree Mesh

Also see Add Model

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PVGeo: UBC OcTree Reader from Bane Sullivan on Vimeo.

We tested this reader using the OcTree mesh found in this example on the GIFtoolsCookbook website:

  • Mesh file: CompleteTask/octree_mesh.txt
  • Model file: CompleteTask/active_cells_topo.txt

To use the plugin:

  • Make sure to clone/update the PVGeo repo and install if you haven’t already
  • Select File->Open… in ParaView
  • Choose the mesh file for your OcTree (we have enabled extensions: .mesh .msh .dat .txt)
  • Select the PVGeo: UBC OcTree Mesh File Format reader when prompted.
  • Optional: Click the button next to the File Name(s) Model parameter field. You can select as many model files as you desire (each file will be appended as additional time steps for the same attribute defined by the Data Name parameter).
  • Click Apply and wait… the load for larger OcTrees takes about 30 seconds.