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Here is a list of features that are shortly coming to this repo.We will try to regularly update this page; for a more update view of our activity, please check out the different projects on the GitHub page here.

More documentation is soon to come. We want to do it right: with tutorials, example data, and detailed justification for need and use of each reader, filter, and macro.


We need your suggestions for what kinds of file format readers to make as well as ideas for filters to meet your data needs. Post on the issues page on GitHub as a feature request.

Don’t have a GitHub account but still have ideas or questions? Post a comment at the bottom of this page or join the PVGeo community discussions on Slack.


  • Open Mining Format: Project files containg all data types. More info found here. NOTE: We opened a pull request for omf that needs to be addressed and finished before further progress on this.
  • Well logs: Readers for common formats (LAS) and easy ways to project well logs in XYZ space. Details here
  • ESRI shape files: Details here and here
  • ESRI Grid: 2D ESRI ASCII and binary grid data files
  • UBC Tensor Meshes: both 2D and 3D implemented with time series capabilities
  • UBC OcTree Mesh: fully implemented but we need test mesh-model file pairs with time series capabilities


  • Transpose Grid: Transpose or swap axes of grid data sets (vtkImageData and vtkRectilinearGrid)
  • Extract Array: This will allow you to extract any array from any data structure as a vtkTable.
  • Reshape Table: Adding ability to reshape using Fortran ordering on the currently available filter.
  • Voxelize Points: This will take a point set and generate voxels of some specified size at every point or estimate an appropriate voxel size if the points are uniformly spaced.
  • Many Slices Along Points: Generate many slices of dataset along a line at every point on that line (normal is the vector from that point to the next).
  • Append Model to UBC Mesh: This will load a model file and tag it on to vtkStructuredGrid loaded from a UBC Mesh reader. Think of it as appending models as attributes to the 3D mesh.

Macros in pvmacros

  • Save screenshots in isometric views, side, top, etc. in an automated fashion
  • Export a scene to a shareable 3D format


  • How to start making your own scripts (tips, tricks, and general advice)
  • A few sample scripts to set up tutorial environments.

Examples and Other Docs

  • Tutorials for each filter/reader/macro will be in their respective documentation.
  • How to send data scenes made using the Readers, Filters, and Macros in this repository over to the Virtual Reality build of ParaView
  • How to build your own plugins using this project’s framework and build scripts
  • Importing DEM topography (with/without satellite imagery)
  • Slicing/cropping a data scene through all components/datasets (managing links)