Custom Axis Ticks

pvmacros.vis.axes.customAxisTicks(rng, axis=0, uniform=False)[source]

Use to set custom axis ticks in the render view

  • rng (list(float)) – A list or tuple of floats for the axis ticks

  • axis (int) – The axis to set (X=0, Y=1, or Z=2)

  • uniform (bool) – An optional flag to use the given range on all axii

Reset Axis Ticks


Use to reset the axis ticks in the render view for any given axii


axis (int or list(int)) – The axis to set (X=0, Y=1, or Z=2)

Scale Axis

pvmacros.vis.axes.scaleAxis(axis, scale)[source]

Use to scale an axis visually

Set Axis Labels from Bounds

pvmacros.vis.axes.setAxisLabelsFromBounds(name, num=(10, 10, 5))[source]

Sets the axis labels from a given input data source. Use the num argument to control the number of labels along each axis. If num is a scalar, then a uniform number of labels is used on each axis.

  • name (str) – The string name of the input source on the data pipeline

  • num (tuple(int) or int) – the number of labels for each axis


>>> import pvmacros as pvm
>>> pvm.vis.setAxisLabelsFromBounds('TableToPoints1', num=(5, 10, 2))