Read GSLib Point Set

Read GSLib point set file

# sphinx_gallery_thumbnail_number = 1
from pyvista import examples
from PVGeo.gslib import GSLibPointSetReader
points_url = ''
filename, _ = examples.downloads._retrieve_file(points_url, 'b_100sampledatawl.sgems')

point_set = GSLibPointSetReader().apply(filename)


PolyData (0x7fb546c98dc8)
  N Cells:      100
  N Points:     100
  X Bounds:     3.000e+00, 2.520e+02
  Y Bounds:     1.000e+00, 2.980e+02
  Z Bounds:     0.000e+00, 0.000e+00
  N Arrays:     1

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