Thanks for taking the time to contribute!

We absolutely welcome contributions and we hope that this guide will facilitate an understanding of the PVGeo code repository. It is important to note that the PVGeo software package is maintained on a volunteer basis and thus we need to foster a community that can support user questions and develop new features to make this software a useful tool for geoscientists.

This page is dedicated to outline where you should start with your question, concern, feature request, or desire to contribute.


For general questions about the project, its applications, or about the non-technical, please do not create an issue but join us on [slack]( or send one of the developers an email. The current project maintainer is Bane Sullivan, feel free to inquire with Bane through Banes website.

For more technical questions, you are welcome to create an issue on the issues page with a question label which we will try to address. Through posting on the issues page, your question can be addressed by community members with the needed expertise and the information gained will remain available on the issues page for other users.

Reporting Bugs

If you stumble across any bugs, crashes, or concerning quirks while using code distributed here, please report it on the issues page with an appropriate label so we can promptly address it. When reporting an issue, please be overly descriptive so that we may reproduce it. Whenever possible, please provide tracebacks, screenshots, and sample files to help us address the issue.

Feature Requests

We encourage users to submit ideas for improvements to PVGeo code base! Please create an issue on the issues page with a Feature Request label to suggest an improvement. Please use a descriptive title and provide ample background information to help the community implement that functionality. For example, if you would like a reader for a specific file format, please provide a link to documentation of that file format and possibly provide some sample files with screenshots to work with. We will use the issue thread as a place to discuss and provide feedback.

Contributing New Code

If you have an idea for how to improve PVGeo, please first create an issue as a feature request which we can use as a discussion thread to work through how to implement the contribution.

Once you are ready to start coding and develop for PVGeo, please take a look at the remainder of the pages in this Development Guide.


All contributed code will be licensed under PVGeos’ license. If you did not write the code yourself, it is your responsibility to ensure that the existing license is compatible and included in the contributed files or you can obtain permission from the original author to relicense the code.