Getting Started

Using PVGeo in a Python Environment

If you’d like to use PVGeo in Python (>=3.8), then simply install PVGeo to your active Python environment with pip or conda

Install PVGeo via pip:

pip install PVGeo

Or with conda:

conda install -c conda-forge pvgeo

Required dependencies

Optional dependencies

PVGeo has a few non-required dependencies that enable more algorithms and features when available. All requirements can be found in the requirements.txt file in the repo but the needed requirements for PVGeo to work will be installed with PVGeo. Some useful dependencies:

  • discretize: Adds algorithms that harnesses discretize’s finite volume code and file IO methods.

  • pyproj: Adds algorithms that can perform coordinate transformations

  • omf and omfvista: Provides support for the Open Mining Format (OMF)