Combine Tables

This example will demonstrate how to to merge to vtkTable objects with the same number of rows into a single vtkTable.

This example demos PVGeo.filters.CombineTables

Please note that this example only works on version of PyVista>=0.22.0

import numpy as np
import pyvista as pv
import PVGeo
from PVGeo.filters import CombineTables

Create some input tables

t0 = pv.Table()
t1 = pv.Table()

# Populate the tables
n = 100
titles = ('Array 0', 'Array 1', 'Array 2')
arr0 = np.random.random(n) # Table 0
arr1 = np.random.random(n) # Table 0
t0[titles[0]] = arr0
t0[titles[1]] = arr1
arr2 = np.random.random(n) # Table 1
t1[titles[2]] = arr2
arrs = [arr0, arr1, arr2]


Table (0x7f4faadda768)
  N Rows:       100
  N Arrays:     2


Table (0x7f4faadda6a8)
  N Rows:       100
  N Arrays:     1
# Now use the `CombineTables` filter:
output = CombineTables().apply(t0, t1)


Table (0x7f4faadda948)
  N Rows:       100
  N Arrays:     3
# Here I verify the result
for i in range(len(titles)):
    arr = output[titles[i]]
    assert(np.allclose(arr, arrs[i], rtol=0.0001))

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