Source code for PVGeo.gmggroup.reader

__all__ = [

import omf
import omfvista
import vtk

from .. import _helpers
from ..base import ReaderBaseBase

[docs]class OMFReader(ReaderBaseBase): """Handles reading an OMF Project """ __displayname__ = 'OMF Project Reader' __category__ = 'reader' extensions = 'omf' description = 'PVGeo: Open Mining Format Project' def __init__(self): ReaderBaseBase.__init__(self, nOutputPorts=1, outputType='vtkMultiBlockDataSet') # Properties: self._dataselection = vtk.vtkDataArraySelection() self._dataselection.AddObserver("ModifiedEvent", _helpers.create_modified_callback(self)) self.__names = [] self.__data = dict() self.__project = None
[docs] def Modified(self, read_again=False): """Ensure default is overridden to be false so array selector can call. """ ReaderBaseBase.Modified(self, read_again=read_again)
[docs] def modified(self, read_again=False): """Ensure default is overridden to be false so array selector can call. """ return self.Modified(read_again=read_again)
[docs] def get_file_name(self): """Super class has file names as a list but we will only handle a single project file. This provides a conveinant way of making sure we only access that single file. A user could still access the list of file names using ``get_file_names()``. """ return ReaderBaseBase.get_file_names(self, idx=0)
#### Methods for performing the read ####
[docs] def _read_up_front(self): """Internal functiona to read all data at the start""" # Read all elements reader = omf.OMFReader(self.get_file_name()) self.__project = reader.get_project() self.__names = [ for e in self.__project.elements] for n in self.__names: self._dataselection.AddArray(n) self.need_to_read(flag=False) return 1
[docs] def _get_raw_data(self): """Converts OMF data to VTK data objects.""" # Now iterate over the elements and add converted data to the data dict: data = dict() for e in self.__project.elements: if self._dataselection.ArrayIsEnabled( if not in self.__data: self.__data[] = omfvista.wrap(e) data[] = self.__data[] return data
#### pipeline methods ####
[docs] def RequestData(self, request, inInfo, outInfo): """Used by pipeline to get data for current timestep and populate the output data object. """ # Get output: #output = self.GetOutputData(outInfo, 0) output = vtk.vtkMultiBlockDataSet.GetData(outInfo, 0) # Perfrom the read if self.need_to_read(): self._read_up_front() data = self._get_raw_data() # Set number of blocks based on user choice in the selction output.SetNumberOfBlocks(self._dataselection.GetNumberOfArraysEnabled()) blk = 0 # iterate over data set to produce output based on users selection keys = data.keys() for name in keys: output.SetBlock(blk, data[name]) output.GetMetaData(blk).Set(vtk.vtkCompositeDataSet.NAME(), name) blk += 1 return 1
#### Getters / Setters ####
[docs] def GetDataSelection(self): """Return the current user selection of data elements""" if self.need_to_read(): self._read_up_front() return self._dataselection