Source code for PVGeo.version

__all__ = [

__displayname__ = 'Version Verifier'

    from ._helpers import PVGeoError
except ImportError:
    PVGeoError = RuntimeError

[docs]def check_numpy(alert='print'): """A method to check the active environment's version of NumPy for compatibility with PVGeo. Args: alert (str): raise a ``'warn'`` (warning) or an ``'error'`` (PVGeoError) if NumPy is not at a satisfactory version. """ import numpy as np import warnings v = np.array(np.__version__.split('.')[0:2], dtype=int) if v[0] >= 1 and v[1] >= 10: return True msg = 'WARNING: Your version of NumPy is below 1.10.x (you are using %s), please update the NumPy module used in ParaView for performance enhancement. Some filters/readers may be unavailable or crash otherwise.' % np.__version__ if alert == 'error': raise PVGeoError(msg) elif alert == 'warn': warnings.warn(msg) elif alert == 'print': print(msg) return False