GSLib/GeoEAS File I/O

GSLib Point Set Reader

class PVGeo.gslib.gslib.GSLibPointSetReader(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: _GSLibReaderMethods, DelimitedPointsReaderBase

Reads a GSLib point set file where the first three columns are the XYZ coordinates and the remainder of the data is consistent with the GSLibReader specifications.

description = 'PVGeo: GSLib Point Set'
extensions = 'sgems dat geoeas gslib GSLIB txt SGEMS SGeMSgslibpts ptset gpts'

GSLib Table Reader

class PVGeo.gslib.gslib.GSLibReader(outputType='vtkTable', **kwargs)[source]

Bases: _GSLibReaderMethods, DelimitedTextReader

Reads a GSLIB file format to a vtkTable. The GSLIB file format has headers lines followed by the data as a space delimited ASCI file (this filter is set up to allow you to choose any single character delimiter). The first header line is the title and will be printed to the console. This line may have the dimensions for a grid to be made of the data. The second line is the number (n) of columns of data. The next n lines are the variable names for the data in each column. You are allowed up to ten characters for the variable name. The data follow with a space between each field (column).

description = 'PVGeo: GSLib Table'

Write vtkTable To GSLib Format

class PVGeo.gslib.gslib.WriteTableToGSLib(inputType='vtkTable')[source]

Bases: WriterBase

Write the row data in a vtkTable to the GSLib Format

perform_write_out(input_data_object, filename, object_name)[source]

Write out the input data object to the GSLib file format


Set the file header string